Tally Prime

    Wholly new look with same old values giving a delightful new experience
    Supports use of the mouse for the First Time!
    New menu-driven interface while retaining older keyboard which report is where; just use the new inbuilt search of Tally Prime
    Navigate to any report from any screen of Tally PrimeMulti-Tasking for the first time - Need to make an urgent sale invoice while passing a JV? Now you can do it!
    Swiftly handle simple and advance Transactions
    More Comrehensive business reports
    Easy Navigation - Now navigate using mouse or keyboard as per uour preference!
    Super enhanced Browser Reports with lots of features
    Now browse your computer for a file within Tally. No need to always copy and paste the path.
    Supports windows default Ctrl+V for copy and paste whilst retaining earlier shortcuts

    Some features coming in future releases of Tally Prime

    Can Handle Multi-Satate GST in a single data
    Simple ans secured Connected Environment with GSTN- Save your GSTN user ID and password Tally itself. Tally will manage the rest for you!
    Generate e-Waybills from within Tally

Tally.ERP 9

Financial and Inventory Solutions

Tally.ERP 9 delivers a rich new set of product functionalities & technological capabilities. Functionalities deliver technology support for more areas of your business – Excise for Manufacturers, as an example – and capabilities offer you opportunities to conduct your business in ways not easily possible earlier.

Mobile App Biz analyst

  • Stay connected to your business. Always
  • Send Outstanding Reminders and Get Paid faster
  • Analyse & Grow your Sales
  • Data Entry from App
  • Increase sales team productivity
  • Tally Shoper

    Retail Solutions

    Shoper 9 - Its specialized retail POS solution – has been deployed by diverse retail businesses, and is today the preferred solution by leading chain stores in the country.

    Shoper 9 is sure to provide you more sales due to the rich features and the ability to effectively handle most of the retail operations.



    Tally.ERP9/Tally Prime new single user Pkg.

    Rs:22,500/ Basic Amount

      4,050/ GST 18%

      26,550/ Total Amount